Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Oh yes, I've kept myself busy. Or actually, life has a way of keeping you busy when you least expect it. So here's what's been happening,in random order, chronicled by my camera:

I'm so addicted to these. I don't know the name of these cookies but it's a type of Chinese New Year goodie. And my oh my, what a goodie it is. It's deep fried to perfection and smothered in some icing sugar thing. Painfully delicious. It's RM16.00 a tub but I got it free from the kedai kopi I was doing a review on. So nice the auntie.

Oooh a hen's night! One of my oldest friends, Michelle (she's the one in white) got married recently but prior to that, we had a lil' party for her. Dinner at Little Italy and then to Rumba. But alas, our hopes to get her stinking drunk was to no avail: Our bride-to-be was alcohol-free. And the Maid of Honour was on medication so NEITHER of them drank. Which of course resulted in the rest of us drinking. Say it with me: Backfire.

Alcohol or not, PAR-TAY was on the cards. My cousin Vanessa (better known as Chombe - that's pronounced ch-om-bay) going John Travolta on the left and Grace, the (wrongfully sober!) maid of honour, in the middle.

Congratulasi Michelle!

There was a NO BOYS rule but since we didn't exactly own the club...Look who we bumped into!

Ah yes. For Christmas, I decided to educate my nieces with this t-shirt.

Mi familia. So happilia. Post dinner at my sister's place during Christmas. This year I was the only one who didn't make the annual 'Christmas Speech' at the table. We have a tradition where everyone has to say something to the family on Christmas Day - usually a round of "I am grateful for..." and "I'm sorry for being a pain but I love you all". I was just too emo to say anything and was glad when my dad let me skip it this year.

So many people keep telling how much my sister and I DON'T look alike. But I think it's there. She's the only sister I've got and I love her to bits.

Haw's back! And in the spirit of Christmas, we had him over for dinner. Welcome home, Hawding.

I met up with my chicas! Well, missing a few more but I guess you can't have 'em all. Puei (left) is glowing with baby on the way and Carol is still the Professor of Crotchology (right). nyahaha.

My cousin Daphne (middle) got engaged on Boxing Day. To think I still envision her in her brown and beige kindergarten smock. And now she's gonna be somebody's Mrs. In the words of aunties all around the world, "Waaaah so big oredi!"

Peace out, y'all. More on the Fabulous Life and Times of the Fridaycat coming your way!

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