Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best worst news.

S: I got a job! I got THE job!

Me: What job?

S: The job! The one in Mabul!

Me: *pause* That's great! I'm really happy for you.

S: I can't believe it! I'm so overwhelmed....

Me: When do you leave?

S: Saturday.

Me: This Saturday?

S: Yep.

Me: You're leaving this Saturday?

S: Yes, I'll be there for a few months.

Me: Wow. This saturday huh?

S: Isn't it great?

Me: It is. I really am happy for you.

And I am. I am so happy for my best friend. I know she's wanted this job so bad and when I see the people I love deliriously happy, it makes me happy. I don't tell her this often enough but I never would have gotten through the year without her. She knows all my deepest darkest secrets. She knows what makes me laugh. And she's there when I need to cry - even for the dumbest reasons. She'll drive with me to McDonald's at 3:00am because I feel like having fries. She doesn't tire of my incessant ramblings about the same old things. And most of all, she lets me be who I am and reminds me that it's ok to mess up once in a while.

I am happy for you. Truly. But I hate you for being so wonderful that now it breaks my selfish heart that you're leaving. I know you'll be back but I'm so scared you won't. I don't have anyone like you in my life right now and I feel like i'm losing a limb. Things are so scary right now...I dunno if I'll pull through without you.

But believe me when I say I am happy for you. Truly. Because best friends love each other like that. Jaga kau if you don't come back.

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