Friday, October 24, 2008

This is what keeps me going.

And this is what October brings...

A Christmas in the Jungle photoshoot. Jeez louise, what a nightmare to lug that tree into the hutan (heh poor Al). I handled the box while Jeremy carried a 'plastic bag' as we walked from the parking lot, across the beach and into the jungle under the blazing 10:00am sun.

Can you see us in the blue ball?

And then I saw a chicken at the Nature Reserve in Rasa Ria.

We attended Astrid's not-so-surprise birthday party. Heh heh. I sayang my cousins very much.

And then on the 22nd was Brian a.k.a Bumboy's 29th birthday. That's a LOT of candles. (ya ya ya i know I'm older than him). We were supposed to have the 'surprise' at a kedai kopi Chuan Hin near Hilltop but as I turned into the junction, about to park my car, I received a mayday sms from Chombe, "CHANGE VENUE! PIZZA HUT DAMAI!" Good thing I love these people or else. Also, I wish to stress the fact that cake and mushroom soup do NOT go together.

My brothers and I went paintballing. And i have the bruises to prove it.

Team Skyline! My cousin Bob, niece Francine, me and my brother Ted. Someone said "Smile!" when we took this photo. And i think we actually did. Bodo.

I often wake up to Blanket meowing outside my window, upon which I groggily let him in as he quickly finds a warm spot in my bed to plonk himself upon. And then he gives me*this* look as if I'm the one intruding HIS space. Geez.

Seeing that I'm not going to get out of MY bed to make 'room' for him, he jumps off, 'merajuk'-ing.

Malaysian celebs, Hans Isaac, Harith Iskandar and Douglas Lim were in town. We organised a press conference for them and took them out for dinner at Salut Seafood Restaurant. Here's a shot of me and Chris charming Hans with our natural good looks and finesse. And this is Hans totally digging us.
Two hours later, we find other means of entertainment. Ah yes, I can imagine what Hans was thinking: "Sabahan chicks are SO hot."

We hit a club and a pub and by 1:00am, I think all that seafood, interviews and travelling finally got to the guys. That's Hans in the middle and Douglas on the right. Spot the Sabahan who still appears sober after three bottles of JD. ( i know, this isn't the most flattering shot of them. Sorry boys, air brushing doesn't happen in the real world).

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