Thursday, October 16, 2008


It has become such a rare occassion in the past year that I can actually say: I feel good today.

Maybe it's all the sweating I've been doing - futsal, a bit of netball (yes, don't ask) and squash. Maybe it's my super crazy schedule that involves dinner functions, interviews, photo shoots and meetings on top of my daily office work that's keeping me so busy that I don't have time to pull an Eeyore moment anymore.
Maybe it's hanging out with people who make me laugh.
Maybe it's because I talk to God more.
Maybe it's because I've cut down boozing and realise that being sober isn't such a bad thing, heh heh.

Whatever it is, today I feel good. And these days are so rare and in between that I wish I could capture the moment in a jar. Today, I feel like I can make it on my own and put my emotional crutches aside.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is another story. But let's enjoy today, shall we?

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