Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One step at a time.

You know that Jordin Sparks song? It's been playing in my head. Not that it's gonna make the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or anything, but some songs just pierce your head now and then and stay there until it decides to exit.

But also because it should be my mantra to get me through the days. Things are rough. But rough, I have to tell myself, is a phase. And phases pass. Like any uphill climb, it's gonna get ugly and some days, you just tumble down 10 ten steps. But with persistence, dogged determination and strength, I can get there. Oh and a little help from my friends don't hurt neither.

I feel the need to do something drastic. Get a tattoo. Chop my hair off. Take up lessons in something I wouldn't normally do. Something most of you probably don't know is that I love playing the drums. I'm not good or anything, but when Haw was around (or whenever he comes back for a holiday), I get free 'lessons'. There is something so therapeutic about banging on them drums. And even more fun when Haw straps on his guitar and we jam. I feel like I'm in a band, haha! He's been meaning to pass the drums to me but I just don't see how I'm gonna sneak the set in without my parents noticing. Heh.

Something's gotta change. I'll get there.

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