Friday, August 22, 2008


Those of you who know me know that I am anything but an exemplary Catholic. I can't even remember the right things to say when praying the rosary and I can only recall 5 Commandments out of 10. Yep, if my Catholic practice is my ticket to heaven, I'm bound for quite a few stops on the way up (with the optimistic hope that's the direction I'm headed lah)

But God and I have a good relationship. When booze, ciggarettes and too many late nights offer little comfort, I go to church. Yeah, not quite the Christian-way I said, God and I have a good relationship and He knows I'm difficult like that.

So last night I bought some candles and went to the Grotto. I lit my candle and talked to Mother Mary. I had a little one on one with God too. My 'angel' Pu told me earlier the other day that God is with us throughout our storms. That we are never alone. It's just that sometimes, we are not open to see Him there beside us. I was skeptical. If anything, I was more alone than ever.

And so I told the Big Guy: Seriously, I kinda need You now. If You are really there, show me. Tell me. Anything. And I promise I will open my heart to see You.

I sat there for about 25 minutes, waiting for mass to start (I was way early and the church was still locked). My candle flickered in the wind and not long after, it started to drizzle just as people started to fill in the church. So I made my way to mass.

A sermon, a hymn and a communion later, I make my way back to the car. The road is wet and I can still smell the after-shower. But in the darkness, I squinted and I couldn't believe what I saw at the Grotto.

My sole candle was still lit.

In the rain and wind, my candle stood there, flickering, unfaltering. I rushed to the Grotto, car keys dangling at my car and my bag abandoned on the pavement. And there, I cried. I cried, and cried and cried. And felt like a fool for challenging God and His presence. His faith in me has never wavered, even when I have sunken to the lowest depths.

I think I owe it to Him to return the faith.

He is there. I just had to stop and listen for a while.

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