Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

I started running again. More like walking really fast. Which is almost like 'running' in my dictionary. It felt good. And I was so exhausted that I slept like a baby that night.

What is the big freakin' deal with Miley Cyrus' photo shoot in Vanity Fair? (see left) I thought it was done rather tastefully - granted she's only 15. But hey, I've seen more obscene photos of teenage celebrities in glossy magazines. So everyone should quit whining about her 'scandalous' photo. Geez.

I'm hooked on Rainforest Tea ("100% natural zero pesticide Camellia Sinesis Black Tea")

I can't believe it's almost August. I can smell Christmas!

I bought three pairs of shoes in one go. That felt sinfully good.

I'm trying to cut down on my alcohol intake. The operative word here being 'trying'.

I watched Devil's Advocate again. Keanu isn't the greatest actor and I think Charlize Theron shouts too much in the movie but Al Pacino makes it all worthwhile. Still one of my favourite movies. "The worst vice is advice" - Al Pacino.

I also watched Sex and The City and like any Manolo Blahnik shoe, it was fabulous! I don't think most men would appreciate what the fuss is all about but hey, we don't expect you to. This one's for the ladies.

I dunno why I'm feeling it but I'd really like to have a baby. The husband bit - I'm in no rush. Probably could do without, haha. You know, if our society wasn't so judgemental and assholey, I'd have no qualms being a single mother. Hmm. Maybe I'll just get a puppy for now.

There are a few faces I'd love to slap as of late. Yes I'm feeling bitchy.

I labelled all my stationery in the office. STOP STEALING MY PENS!

I've been loaning people money and no one has paid me back. I hate asking for money. Can someone do this for me please?

Should I get a tattoo?

I wanna watch the X-Files movie. It's not going to win any Oscar nominations so I've heard but seeing Mulder and Scully reunite will suffice for me.

I'm having lunch at Pacific Sutera today with some contractors and then another appointment with the Indonesian Consulate. In the evening, I have a discussion on a brochure I'm working on with one of the wildlife sanctuaries and then I head home to my cats. After that, I plan to watch 'Definitely Maybe' on my pink laptop, read a few pages of John Irving's 'Until I Find You' and crash into oblivion, only to awake at 6:30 am the next day and sigh, "Shit. Here we go again."

"Engkau pergi, aku takkan pergi

Engkau menjauh, aku takkan jauh

Sebenarnya, diriku masih mengharapkanmu"

- Menjaga Hati, The Nuno & Yovie. Schmuck song of the moment. Disillusioned lyrics aside, it's a catchy tune.

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