Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday pick-me-up: Shopping.

I told you guys about my shoe addiction. And from the looks of it, it ain't going away anytime soon. Look what I picked up today:

Hey, I don't have shoes in blue (green?) ok. And they were 20 percent off! Just when I thought it was safe to keep walking around Centrepoint, I walked into Speedy and saw this:

My ALL-TIME favourite movie. A true fan cannot resist a 2-Disc Rockin' Edition. I've seen this movie 23 times to date and I have yet to get tired of it. John Travolta in tight leather pants and Olivia Newton-John struttin' her stuff (at the end anyway, after she threw away her whole Sandra-Dee persona). When I was younger, I could sing every song from the movie. My memory fails me these daysn hence the DVD. Time to reignite my obsession with this 70s classic, set in the 50s. The music, the moves, the Pink Ladies, the T-Birds...I love 'em all. It's so over the top, it's fantastic! If I had to name my favourite part...It would probably be the big finale at the funfair. And the dance off where Olivia and John get groovy - Classic! I would SO love to catch Grease the Musical, live on stage. Maybe on Broadway or something. I missed them when they were in KL couple of years back.

Ok I'm itching to watch my new DVD so adios peeps.

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