Sunday, May 27, 2007

Behind the blog.

Do you define your blog or does your blog define you? Like many people I know, I'm a self-confessed blog hopper. I like reading random thoughts on random topics, even if I don't agree on some of the viewpoints given. The voyeurism of peeking into people's daily lives, their innermost thoughts, their hopes, dreams, tragedies and triumphs.

Or so perhaps they'd like us to think.

I've been wondering lately, how many bloggers are really what they seem, via their web logs? Since I started my blog, I've actually made 'blog friends' - literally people I've met via blogging activity. And many of them have turned out to be interesting people. It's amazing the things you discover about people via their blogs. I haven't personally met most of my blog-friends but if they are anything like their blogs, I'm sure we'd get along fine.

On the other side of the coin, I personally know people FIRST and then visit their blogs. And sometimes, THAT'S interesting too. Because you discover that sometimes - and this is gonna sound mean - the blogs have more personality than the owner. I know bloggers who have fascinating blogs, a laugh-a-minute website that keeps you coming back for more and has you going, "Oh wow, wait till I meet this person!" But if you really know the person, they can be the complete opposite of their blogs. Vice versa of course: One amazing person but a completely mundane blog.

But I digress. Back to the question: Who defines who? Do we really make entries to pour our innermost thoughts? As an outlet for our emotions and a journal of our existence? Or do we write to entertain readers, to impress fellow bloggers with our wit or make people believe we lead far more fascinating lives than we really do? Maybe I'm a hypocrite, seeing I have a blog and here I am questioning 'to blog or not to blog'. Humans by nature, are after all, narcissists. We love ourselves. We may not necessarily write about our personal selves but things that surround us. Still, in the bigger picture, it's still all about what's around ME. Me me me me. And hell, I don't think there's anything wrong about that. As much as we are narcissists, we're also voyeurs. Why else would you be blog hopping? heh heh.

Not trying to touch any raw nerves nor am i doing the whole pot calling kettle black drama. Just an interesting thought that's been on my mind. Do blogs reveal who we are or are blogs nifty devices to hide behind?

I'll let you sit on that.

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