Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thank you.

Nothing like a birthday to realise people still care. I am so touched that so many people took the time to wish me - Especially friends who I thought dropped off the planet. From Beijing to KL, each sms, e-mail and phonecall made me smile. Thanks you guys.

My birthday was a simple affair and this year, it co-incided with Mother's Day. Double the celebration! We had a high-tea at Hyatt (the food ain't great, just to keep you guys posted) and the rest of the day was 'quality time' with the family. Which I always enjoy. And I think it meant more to my mum than any super-expensive gift.

Speaking of gifts...
Nice eh? Compliments of my brother. And yes, it's PINK. It came with a free leather case in -you guessed it- pink. This baby is the Sony Cybershot DSC T20/P, 8.1 megapix, 2.5" LCD screen, 3X optical zoom with face detection and double anti-blur solution.

And did i mention it comes in pink? heh heh.
From this day henceforth, the bloggeth haveth more pictureth! Hooray!

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