Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why bah.

Quick gripe: I don't if there's a sea monster gnawing the cables under the ocean or a damn earthquake inTimbuktu - Streamyx needs to pull their socks up!

What is dis oh? It's like every little world event affects the internet line. "Our CEO is scratching his armpit so Streamyx will be down for the next few hours." Bullcrap.

Last night, I couldn't get online at ALL and after three hours of trying, I finally did. Only to be rudely disconnected after 25 minutes. Good thing I finished chatting with my Cubby or there would be hell to pay. I lost my blog entry but i was feeling generous and let it go. Bah.

I've been busy. I have LOADS of photos to show you but until Streamyx behaves, I'll have to put that on hold. In a nutshell, I've been travelling land, sea and air, mostly for work. But it's all good. We recently got our official Events shirt made. And this is what they came up with:
Presenting, tukang mop lantai hospital! What were they thinking? And the sleeves! I can't even begin to describe the horror. The only saving grace is the back:

I like the Sabah logo thingy. And the cut makes my shoulders look broader, haha. It's decent lah from the back. Maybe I have to start walking with my back facing people whenever I wear this shirt. Oh and another gripe? You can't wear a coloured bra with this - the shirt is kinda see through. Can you imagine if it rains?
Except I doubt i'll look that happy (or model-esque) when it happens.
More updates, stay tuned.
"Take a look at my girlfriend, cuz she's the only one i got..."
- Cupid's Chokehold, Gym Class Heroes, song I can't get enough of lately. Check it out.

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