Monday, March 19, 2007

About time.

I have been bitching about my handphone for the longest time. Granted, I had my heart set on it 3 years ago but with time (and a single emotional massacre), I've had enough of my old Nokia. Annoying and it reminded me too much of my ex-boyfriend seeing that it was a Christmas gift from him. Ugh. Can you say, "move on"?

Yes, I know it looks like a sanitary pad.

It started with small problems: the screen blanking out. The rubber keypad peeling off. The keys jamming up while I'm sms-ing. And last Friday, it finally kicked the bucket: The aerial went kaput and everytime I flip the damn thing open, my service bar goes down to zero and I can't make/receive any calls or send out/receive any text messages. At first I started cursing my service provider, DiGi (kesian DiGi, kena maki for no reason) but when I switched to my Celcom sim card, I still had the same problem. Simple conclusion: Phone dead.

I secretly rejoiced. Now I officially had a reason to buy a new phone! Sunday I went phone hunting with Sel. Conversation as follows:

Sel: Ok, so what do you want in a phone?
Me: Absoulutely no more flip phones. And I want it in pink. And it has to be a Nokia.

(one hour later)

Me: (paying for my Nokia 6085: a flip phone and NOT pink) Well, at least it's a Nokia.
Sel: Riiiight.

Ladies and gents, I present to you my new lifeline.

I am so damn sakai. This is officially the first phone I've ever owned that has a camera, MMS, Bluetooth and plays real tunes (not those generic polyphonic ring ring ones....Hey, this is exciting stuff for me, ok?). It might not be pink but to make up for that, I bought a pink bag thingy to keep the phone in, heh. Oh and it even comes with a 1 gig memory card. I dunno what I need a 1 gig memory card for but I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out.

When I told Haw about my new phone, he was impressed but remained loyal to his no fuss no muss handphone. "I don't need all those extras," he said and, knowing him, I believe him. If he had his way, I bet you Mr. Simplicity would even settle for a blanket and a bonfire to get his message across. But I know what he means: All you really need a phone for is a) to make phonecalls and b)send text messages. Everything else is icing on the cake.

But I still think my real music ringing tone is SO cool.

I'm gonna go ooh and aah at my phone some more...

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