Monday, August 07, 2006

Seasick. Almost.

* had more photos to post below but again, blogger failed me. Will post more soon.

Back from my seafaring trip to the East Coast of Sabah. With all that time on the sea, I feel like a pirate. Arr matey. The trip was good except for all the travelling. We had to squeeze two destinations in 3 days 2 nights. Sounded feasible until we actually tried it. Our journey went something like this:

Fly to Tawau from KK=45 minutes
Tawau-Semporna by road =1 hour
Semporna to Seaventures, Mabul island by boat =1 hour due to the choppy sea. It was quite an experience with me turning 3 shades of green
Seaventures Dive Resort overnight.

Day 2:
Seaventures to Semporna by boat = 1 hour
Semporna to Tawau by road = 1 hour
Tawau Yacht Club to Roach Reefs Resort by boat =45 minutes

And back to Tawau next day. You get the pic. But like i said, when it comes to island trips, I can't really complain, heh. Photos below!

Roach Reefs Resort, located some 45 minutes from Tawau by boat. It's a man-made island actually. Two barges were sunk, piled with rocks and sand and voila...Your very own island!

Me outside my cabin in Roach Reefs. Island trip+hammock = great photo op!

And then I tried my hand at being behind the camera and took one of the photographer. Doesn't Haw look so pretty?

Went snorkelling. Bad idea as the current was really strong. I gave up swimming back to the boat and had to be 'towed' back by Haw and our snorkelling guide. Pic of me having tea after the exhausting fiasco at sea. (all was not lost though. I spotted a barracuda!)
Doesn't get any bluer than this. My favourite view of the Celebes Sea to date.

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