Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More photos!

Yay, I can post more photos! Continuation from my Seaventures-Roach Reefs Resort-Mabul trip earlier this month:

Seaventures Dive Resort. Used to be an oil rig, can you tell?

The main deck/lobby area. The dining hall is on the right side (white chairs). It gets super windy and I was annoyed at how quickly my food got cold! Haw's soup was all over the place before it even reached his mouth.

The Sun Deck as they call it. This is where they serve dinner (when it's not raining). Niiiiiiiice.

My teeny tiny sleeping cubicle...I mean, bedroom. Or something like that.
Snorkelling at Barracuda Point. You think I'm pale now? Imagine me after spending almost an hour in the strong currents and choppy waters trying not to get sick.

I FOUND LAND! It's the Borneo Divers Mabul Resort actually...

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