Tuesday, August 29, 2006


One word to describe the last few blurry days. It's been 'good hectic' and 'bad hectic'. My family is still in Sydney, while the poor ol' fourth born child (that would be me) is left home scrubbing floors and cleaning the fireplace.

Not that we have a fireplace.

Actually, it hasn't been too bad. Although I didn't expect to miss the hustle and bustle of the Leong family as much. I kinda miss my mum's nagging, my dad's whistling and my bro taking up space on the couch. On the upside, I don't have to give a status report every few hours and I have more privacy, wink wink. My cat, Happy, strolls into my parents bedroom every morning with her incessant meowing - I really think he's stressed that the Patriach hasn't been home for a week now. Cute kan?

On the social side, I've been drinking. And i don't mean bottles of mineral water mind you. Every since Haw announced he was leaving, it's been one party/outing after another all in the name of a farewell - I really think it's just an excuse to drink till we drop but hey, I'm not complaining. I took Friday off last week, which was a wise idea seeing that my Thursday night out stretched on a wee bit longer than I thought it would. I was also partially deaf from all the screeching guitars and pounding drums the night before at The Rawk. And there was a lot of shouting into microphones going on - Somehow they called it 'singing'. Ah.

Friday was also Haw's farewell party at the Kinabalu Yacht Club. It was small, simple and insane. Put simply, it was a blast and I think Haw finally realised how much he means to everyone in the office. Pics from the crazy night:

This is what happens when you ask boys to pose for the camera.

And more proof that boys simply cannot take normal photos:

Squeeeeeeezing into the frame.

Heh heh, somebody finally called it a night after one too many flaming lambos and beer.

Damn, can't post any more photos. Be back later.

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