Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wedding Belles

Here comes the bride! It's not quite wedding season but I do have two lovely friends who will be tying the knot in the near future. Oh, whaddayaknow, they're my fellow bloggers! I bring the you the lovely Lynn and jambu Joyce - who are also the best of friends. Sigh, don't you just love it when the universe is happy and in order? Congratulations girls!

I love weddings, the more original the idea, the better. I really think people should veer from the whole Chinese-sit-down-dinner style, no offense. Not only do I find it impersonal but out of 500 guests, you'll probably recognise only 50 of them. And the food. Ai. Don't get me started on the whole fish-maw-sweet-and-sour-whatever-with-ten-season-treasures-whathaveyou. And if you've been to a Chinese wedding, you'll notice that the Bride and Groom look really uneasy with pasted smiles, doing whatever the drunk MC on stage is instructing them to do (Cut the cake! First dance! Hug your parents!) and the spotlight is on them all throughout the 8-meal course.

Me? I would much rather do a painless church service, followed by a nice cocktail by the beach (or pool. or any water element), lots of people dancing, drinking, laughing until the bride and groom disappear into the sunset, embarking on a romantic one-week honeymoon.

But knowing my luck - and heritage - my wedding would certainly involve:

1. 600 of my 'closest' family members.
2. Two kerbaus (buffaloes. A Kadazan thing)
3. Lots of alcohol (this I don't mind, heh heh) and...

4. a Chinese-sit-down-dinner style banquet.

Sigh. But before I digress any further, I had a point to this post. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Louis Pang, a photographer friend of mine who I think is a complete genius at what he does. He is the founder of the Love Storybook, a concept where couples can have their whole wedding immortalised in a book. We're not talking 150 pages here. More like 30-60 pages of really beautiful photos (taken by Louis himself) of the bride, groom, family and friends. He has it printed in Japan so I can assure you we're talking top-notch quality here. The books are done in a really stylish yet classy way, something you'll be proud to whip out 50 years from now. And best part is, the damage on the wallet is pretty reasonable - You would probably spend the same amount on ridiculous studio shots of you and your future spouse in matching Samurai outfits. Sad. Very. Oh and Louis is a fantastic person to boot. Friendly, good looking (married, sorry girls) and, as i mentioned earlier, a genius at what he does. And so modest about it too, heh heh. It's the first and only of its kind in Malaysia and the response is so overwhelming that Louis is 2 weddings shy from being fully booked for 2006! Check out his work at his website and if you need to get in touch with him, I'll help you. Word of advice: Book him WAY in advance.

Plus he's Sabahan. He SO rocks.

"if this life gets any harder now,
It ain't no never mind
You got me by your side..."
-Aerosmith, Fly Away From Here. Dedicated to the Wedding Belles. Wishing you a lifetime of happy mornings waking up beside the only person you'd want to wake up to.

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