Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mabul Island: Me likey.

Photographic evidence of one the best weekends I've had in the past year:

Sunset at Mabul. See that light in the background on the right hand side? It's an oil rig that's been converted into a dive resort, operated by Seaventures. I might be heading there soon to do another story.
An hour upon arrival...Taking a quick tour of the island and enjoying the shade. That look on my face says, "Ok enough photos, me wanna jump in the sea!"This is my room. I stayed at the Sipadan Mabul Water Bungalows. My own king sized bed, Astro, a DVD player and balcony! Too bad it was only for a night.
Each bungalow is given two bicycles each, to allow their 'lazy' guests to explore the island via wheels. That's me taking a breather and checking out the fishies.

Aaah, the Ka'andaman Spa at Mabul. Is that a view or what? Waves lapping, trees swaying, me lazing.

A foot massage was in order. Me? Pampered? What would you give you such an idea...?
Look at that soft, white sand. And the sky so blue!
Another shot of Mabul as the sun goes down. They told us that turtles are often spotted around 9pm or so. We waited that night but no sign of the beauties. Better luck next time.

All that sun, sea and foot massaging had me exhausted, so here I am, soaking in more rays at my very own sun deck. What can I say...All in a day's work.

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