Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quick, I can post photos!

OMG I can post photos! Ok gonna take this opportunity while i can...More photos from the cruise liner, Superstar Virgo: That's the pool area. Hence, the pool behind me. Duh.

Look who I found onboard! Fellow cruiser Selina. (by the way, that railing my elbow is resting on is really hot). The bbq at my place couple of weeks back. Carol (sexy chick in blue) was the sambal belacan queen. Pink tights would be me. It took half an hour for Sel, Rol and yours truly to get that tiny pit going. AND we didn't burn down the house. How's that for effort?

My brother Johann trying to look busy. He's actually just waiting to jump on those huge prawns (punya main sedap, by the way). Selina in the background, Queen of Coal, haha.
Sel: Ta-da! haha, i love this photo of her! Again, note huge-ass prawns.
Trust my brother and his monkey friend, Sofian, to steal the limelight.

"Come on Haw, faster faster!" - Haw the Man of Fire fans the flames. Note the tiny sparks coming out from the base of the pit. Oh yes, there was a hole in my pit (now that just doesn't sound right).

Yep, as fate would have it, that was the last photo blogger would let me post. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!?!? Till the next episode...

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