Monday, July 24, 2006

Damn crystal ball.

I went to a fortune teller not too long ago. One of those things you do when your next best Saturday night option is watch paint dry.Now, I'm a cynical optimist. For example, I'd love to win the lottery but I know it won't happen to me. See? Positive but realistic. But I went to see the dude nonetheless.

Anyway, the fortune teller -who looked more like a Math tuition teacher than a Madam Zora type- calculated my birthdate and time of birth and based on that, he plotted out my whole life before me. He got a few things wrong (He said he sees a bad relationship between me and my siblings. Nope) but he got some bits right, which I realistically attribute to a lucky shot in the dark.

But he did say some things that bothered me. And I chose to ignore it until I realised he was probably on to something. Master Z (we'll just call him that) said that he could 'see' that I had a bad year so far and unfortunately, this year will see me 'cry some more'. To top it off, he said that I would experience a lot of relationships before finding the 'One' (no, not Jet Li). AND even after I find my so-called tall, dark and handsome stranger, my marriage would be a lonely one. Oh and to add insult to injury, not only would my future husband leave me lonely but the reason he'll be so bloody successful and loaded (hence too busy to spend time with his lovely wife) is because I bring him luck. I bring HIM luck and he can't spend the weekend with me??? wtf.

On a better note, he did say that my career would improve and the myriad of people I meet along the way will help me in some way or another. Apparently, my networking is the key to my success so he advised that I keep 'socialising' (no complaints there). And then he bent over his crystal ball, and in a crackling voice, accompanied by rumbling thunder in the background, he waved his crooked finger at me and said, "Oh woe be upon you should you choose to betrothe this year!"

Ok la, not exactly so but he did say, "One thing la, this year ah...Better don't get married wan. Not good year for marriage."

Oh gee well, Master Z, I better tell the 57 men lining up outside my door begging for my hand in marriage to wait till next year. *pbth*

He's right about one thing though: My tearducts have been working overtime the past year and I foresee I got a lot more tears to go before the year is up. Maybe i'm just PMS-ing 365 days a year. Whatever it is, i must bear in mind - This too shall pass. And good food will solve everything.

Ok its lunch time.

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