Saturday, December 13, 2008

Four freakin' thirty.

It's 4:30am and I can't sleep. My flu meds don't seem to be doing what they're supposed to do. So here I am, eating a chicken sandwich and logging on to see who else might be online. No such luck.

So what do you blog about at this ungodly hour? Beats me. I'm usually in la-la land dreaming of talking cats at this point. Moments like these remind you that despite being surrounded by people all the time and living in a planet with more than 6 billion inhabitants - We are completely alone. And if you aren't, you will be. No one sticks around forever. Death and circumstance ensure this. You'll be 'friends forever' until someone moves away, gets a new job, finds a husband, starts breeding, changes principles...You get the pic. Your siblings will eventually start their own lives. Your children will grow up and move on. Your spouse will divorce you or, eventually, meet the Maker.

Why do we bother with forming relationships? Because humanity thrives on hope and living the 'meaningful' life. Because we think our short time on this earth should be filled with accomplishments and finding the 'One'. When in truth all that becomes of us is that we return to dust and we become mere memories.

So yes, I believe now we are actually completely alone. It doesn't mean we have to be lonely. Hence, friends, family and lovers. But they all pass. We pass. So don't fret too much about what happens or who comes and goes in our lives - Nothing is forever. It's just a ride and eventually the wheels will stop turning.

I could use some sleep.

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