Wednesday, October 03, 2007

You're rude.

Rudeness. It majorly irks me.

Almost everyday I encounter rude people. Most days, it's nothing big so I can let it slide. But it's the people who are constantly 'kurang ajar' that I feel like bitch-slapping till kingdom come. The worst part is, they don't even notice it. The WORST excuse for being rude? "I just talk like that, I'm not being rude." Yeah, right.

I'm not perfect but if there is one thing I take pride in is my conscious effort to be as diplomatic, considerate and polite as possible. To a fault really because I notice how so many people take that for granted. Because I'm nice to them, I become a doormat. Bloody hell. Hey, just because I can talk to you nicely doesn't mean you can keep pushing my buttons you know.

Yesterday, the Rudeness Meter just reached its limit for me when I called up a friend of mine. First of all, who answers the phone with, "Ya what?" And my questions are answered with a monosyllabic, "Mmm,mmm" or "Up to you laaah". WTF? I wanted to bring this 'friend' out for dinner and this is the response i get? Some friend he is. After I hung up the phone, I felt so annoyed that I decided to text him and tell him to forget it. I made some excuse about being busy and went home and had a delicious bowl of maggi mee asam laksa. Plus my cats proved to be MUCH better company.

No offence here but I notice some Chinese friends in particular have this very 'rough' way of talking and when I told them this, they say the typical line, "Aiya all Chinese talk like dis one!" Ohhhh ok...So because the majority of you sound damn rude and you KNOW you're rude, that makes it okay la? Hey, I have Chinese friends who can talk nicely ok, so that is NOT a good reason. (For the record, when I hear this particular Chinese friend talk to his clients on the phone, he makes Queen Elizabeth sound rude - so yes I am sure he is capable of talking nicely to me if he wanted to).

And since I'm on a roll, I know a couple of workmates who have the worst phone etiquette. Whenever I call their office, they answer with, "Yes?" or "Ya?" and when I ask to be passed to someone else, no 'hold on'. Just an annoyed, " Nah for you" in the background. If you know who you are, LEARN SOME MANNERS.

I hate rude people. Hate hate hate hate. I make an effort to be nice and it hasn't killed me yet. So if you don't know how to talk nicely to me or were raised in a barn, don't associate yourself with me. Some people say the only reason it gets to me is because I'm too sensitive. Well, you know what?

I'd rather be too sensitive than rude any day.

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