Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mel goes fishing!

Yep, another infamously delayed post but I've got photos, yay! So I went deep sea fishing a couple of weeks ago. It had been raining felines and canines and to be honest, I thought it was a crazy idea to go out into the sea but, hey, I'm just writer, what do i know about the sea?

Our boat was called Magic Moments and we departed from the Sutera Harbour Marina at around 8:45am. Bad news: It looked like rain *but* Good news: It wasn't scorching hot. Win some, lose some.

Here we are, leaving the jetty. The sea still nice and calm. Our 'sifu' for the day, briefing us on the itinerary and what to expect. "Ok, siapa mau muntah, just lean over the railing..."

My colleagues, Rie-san and Melina, still looking 'ayu'. Ok, so far so good...

I popped in a motion sickness pill (instruction says to take it half hour before we hit the sea) jusssst in case. Our journey was Mengalum, a fishing spot some two hours from the jetty. So what do you do to kill time? Take a picturegraph! Me and David, trying not to turn into the various shades of green as seen on his shirt.

The clouds looming ahead did not look promising. In fact, the ride got bumpier and the waves were definitely getting bigger. I could almost hear everyone's stomach churning and I was gripping my seat so tight, my knuckles turned white. Mr. Boatman advised that it wasn't a good idea to head to Mengalum (thank God, I couldn't imagine going through that ride for another hour and a half!) so we detoured.
Once there (don't ask me where, we didn't have exactly have signboards to show the way...) , Sifu showed us the what, when and hows of deep sea fishing. "This is a fishing rod. If you 'champion' like me, you can use one hand only to hold...see?" heh heh. Once the boat stopped, it starts swaying and bobbing around even more so let's just say the fish in the sea had plenty of .... regurgitated food to eat that day.

Howeverrrrr....This little missy got so excited about reeling up some fishies that she totally forgot her seasickness. Heh, yes ladies and gents, fridaycat was puke-free for the day. Hurrah!

So everyone did the fishing thing. Note: Fishing is not for the impatient and obnoxiously loud. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes, you could fish for 6 hours straight and catch nothing but a cold. Or....
...You might actually catch something! Ala kecil lah but puas hati I got something. This was my 3rd fish for the day and I was one happy cat. Just don't ask me to gut and clean it. Ugh.

After many moons and many suns had passed (ok la actually it was just four hours), our sifu showed that he was not only Super Master of Fishing, he was also Grand Duke of Culinary Skills! Yep, lunch was served on board and I tell you, a day out in the sea can really build up the appetite. But here's the real treat for the day:

Talk about fresh from the sea! I kid you not when I say this was the most delicious piece of fish I had ever had in my life - tender, almost sweet, succulent and oh so fresh. Of course, also because I caught one of them la, heh. Hey, how often can I say I caught my own meal?
There you have it, just another day at work. I gotta say I really enjoyed this trip albeit the rough sea. Stay tuned for more adventures of the Fridaycat kind!

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