Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My cat Blanket got hit by a car. There was blood everywhere but not a scratch on his body. The blood was coming out of his mouth and nose. I was freaking out, almost hysterical and I didn't care about the rain. I managed to call the vet (it was past opening hours) and begged him to open the clinic. God bless his soul, he did. I rushed there and I couldn't watch him work on Blanket. He said the cat was hit in the head but there didn't seem to be any brain damage as the cat could still stand up and walk around. His left eye is bulging out and the worst case scenario right now is that he could go blind on one side.

But he'll be fine.

He's at the vet for now, under observation and drip, cuz he can't eat or drink. I've been visiting him everyday, as much as I can. Everytime I see him, I start to cry. I'm sorry I didn't put you in the cage earlier that night but I thought you were in the living room. I'm sorry I decided to feed you late that night, or else you'd be home safe already. I love you so much and I dunno what I would do if I lost you. I can't sleep at night until I know you're home with me. I promise not to leave your side till you're up and running again. And I'm going to buy you a new 'home' to sleep in instead of that ratty old cage. Get well soon!

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