Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shut down.

She lives! It's been hectic and I have to admit the last thing I want to do when I get home at night is turn on the PC and blog. Mentally, I just shut down the minute I reach home. Work has been so demanding lately and even when I pull extra hours at the office, I still can't finish my load. And I KNOW this isn't a smart thing to do, but I still have freelance commitments, so there goes most of my weekends. What can I say...I need the money more than I need the time to myself.

I went clubbing on Saturday. Something I haven't done for what feels like a gazillion years. So I drank, bopped on the dance floor, drank some more, checked out people who were checking out other people. I watched my guy friends nudge each other at the sight of a cute chick, I observed people getting frisky as they consumed more alcohol. I saw a girl light a cigarette and stare into space the whole night. Another guy in his 40s looked out of his element as he stood in the corner and tried his best to tap his feet to the music (unfortunately feet tapping to music went out in the mid 1920s). Some girl in the washroom was throwing up her dinner (noodles and green leafy vegetables) while her friends tried to keep her tube top in place. I went back to my table, had another drink and danced some more. At 2a.m, I scurried back home to the comfort of my bed, glad I wasn't drunk as a skunk and realising this scene was getting a bit boring. Or maybe I was getting a bit boring. Either way, I heart my bed very much.

Anyway, I'm coming down with the flu and my body is slowing going into 'log off' mode. Hope you peeps are alive and kicking.

"I've always been in love with you
Guess you've always known its true..
You took my love for granted, why oh why,
The show is over, say goodbye."
-Say Goodbye (having a Madonna moment on my MP3 player)

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