Monday, June 25, 2007

How To Kill A Conversation in Five Minutes

Where: A nice outdoor cafe
When: Some time after dinner
Who: Three guys and a girl
What: Weddings

Guy 2: Do you think it's rude to put a dress code on a wedding invitation?

Girl: I think it's ok, but a colour-theme would be easier for people to follow.

Guy 2: Would look real nice if everyone wore a tux.

Girl: Ya ya!

Guy 3: Tuxedos are expensive la...

Guy 2: Ya but imagine how good everyone would look, all lined up in church in their tuxedos.

Girl: Definitely.

Guy 1: Depends who you invite la...

Guy 2: (still persistent on his tuxedo idea) But would be really nice right? Everyone wearing a tux at the wedding, all dressed up in church. Everyone looking so....

Guy 3: You plan to ever get married meh?

*dead silence*

Girl: Really guys, that's like having fantastic sex and then bringing up your mother.

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