Thursday, June 21, 2007


I met up with an old, old friend the other night. I lost touch with him for a while but I've met up with him twice this year so that's a start (Hi Francis!). Anyway, he's been in New Zealand for quite a while and now he's off to the UK indefinitely. Together with Yo, we had dinner and spent the night chatting about our schooling days and who's who and who's where.

It brought back so many memories. All the way to the time I was 8 years old when my biggest worry was whether or not I was getting the Peaches N Cream Barbie for Christmas (I did, phew). It's amazing how some of us have changed so much while others still have the same haircut from Form 1. It was flashback after flashback. But most of all...

I remembered how much I hated secondary school.

Although it may have been the best time for some people, it's one chapter in my life that I just want to shred into pieces and incinerate into oblivion. I'll spare the details but I look back at my teenage years with such disdain and wish I knew then what I knew now.

But before I damn it all to hell, I guess there are some bright spots in my teenage years. The highlight would be the friends I made along the way who to this day remain the best friends any girl could ask for. And also...

Hmm, actually that's about it. So yeah, secondary school will forever be a sucky memory. How was yours?

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