Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Professional Waiter, Part 2

I'm waiting. Story of my life. Waiting waiting waiting. Professional waiter. It's frustrating that even when you think you're taking control of your life and trying to change things, something will come along and get in the way. Rejected visiting visa applications. Full flights. Not enough money. Bla bla bla. And I had it all planned so well.

People tell me not to give up, but there's just so much rejection a girl can take. I WANT to keep going, keep planning, keep holding on for some miracle. But the more i build myself up, the harder I'll come crashing down - trust me, i'm talking from experience.

All I can do now is wait. Wait for news about applying for my visa again. Wait before I can book a flight to KL. Wait for the travel agency to see if I can fly my Cubby home. Wait before I can plan an alternative holiday. Wait for this whole bloody year to pass before I can be with Haw again. Wait wait wait wait.

And i feel bad because he feels bad because he thinks he's making me feel bad with all the waiting and the planning. Ala, kesian my baby. You just focus on being a world-famous animator so you can work with Pixar and Disney and we can get out of this hellhole and fly my girlfriends to the South of France where we'll lounge on our luxury yacht, drink champagne and laugh about the small people stuck in Malaysia.

I feel better already.

I'm thinking of going to Bali for a short break, if nothing goes as planned. Any other holiday ideas? Australia is another one - back to Melbourne perhaps? At least I don't need a stupid visa to visit their country. Darn Canadians.

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