Monday, November 27, 2006

A million miles. And then some.

So my weekend didn't turn out to be the best one.

In a nutshell:
1. I received bad news about my Canadian visa. And i have one last chance...
2. I should have spent Saturday night curled up with my cat
3. I had a fantastic time singing karaoke with Mia, Sel and Rol. ("You are GOLD! always believe in your soulllll....."
4. I have the best girlfriends ever.

My sister said I look a million miles away. That's fair considering I feel a million miles away. It's just that I can't get away from here fast enough. Everything is on auto-pilot mode and my first thought each morning is, "One day closer..." It helps me get through the day. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Soon isn't getting here soon enough.

I don't tell my chicas often enough, but every little sms, IM, random phonecall and corny joke you tell makes each day bearable. Most of all I love how you girls listen to the same old gripes everytime we gather around. I've had so many friends drift in and out of my life over the years but my girlfriends have remained a constant comfort in my life.

In other aspects of my so-called life:

I'm attending the Don Giovanni opera tomorrow night. Yay, i get to dress up!

I have six puppies! Sorry, all booked already. So cute. Puppies and kittens make any shit day better.

Going to KL for a quick trip sometime this week or Monday, latest. Long story.

Song that plays in my head like a broken record:

" You are GOLD! Always believe in your soul. You're indestructible..."
-Gold, Spandau Ballet. So 80's, so ridiculous to sing to in karaoke but so addictive!

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