Thursday, June 15, 2006

My cup runneth over...


And no, that's not the newest STD in town. Empat tahun...Hanya sekali...Kita main bola di sana Germany...(sung to the tune of the Hari Raya jingle). Anyway, the World Cup is here and while thousands, nay, millions of office workers have turned into zombies and are surviving on their 15th cup of coffee for the morning, it never fails to amaze how the World Cup seizes the world by its loins every four years.

Men are at the mercy of Astro and Yo is still in love with 500-year old Klinsmann. My household is at a standstill at 9pm every night and even if our rooftop gets ripped off during a freak hurricane, my parents would remain glued to the sofa and keep praying England scores. I enjoy football, don't get me wrong, but I do believe life goes on even if Brazil/England/Kepulauan Micronesia doesn't win the World Cup this year. Here's my take on the World Cup:

What i love about it:
1. The football-related ads on TV/Radio
2. The exhiliration when your team of choice scores
3.The 'semangat perpaduan' that draws everyone together.
4. The creative ,er,costumes worn by fans.
5. My parents not batting an eyelash even when I come home at 2am

What i hate about it:
1. The football-related ads on TV/Radio (overdose ok)
2. The TV hijacked from 9pm onwards until the Final match eons from now.
3. You bring your guy friends clubbing and they spend the night watching the match on a teeny TV set in the corner of the club.
4. Overpriced World Cup merchandise. Seriously, I can dye my favourite t-shirt orange, paint the number 8 on it and sell it on the street for no less than RM150. They wouldn't even notice the 'Whirld Kap' scribbled across the chest.
5. The Australian team.

And what's all this 'Ladies, give your man a break, it's the World Cup' crap I keep hearing everywhere? Hello, in case you haven't noticed, some of us women are REJOICING it's the World Cup. First of all, please don't be a sexist pig and think football is only enjoyed by men. Women enjoy it too. (I wanted to post photographic evidence as to why this is so but again, Blogger is being a beeyatch).

Seriously though, I have female friends who are avid football fans and I bet they could explain what an offside is much better than a man (We ARE the more articulate species after all). On another note, the World Cup also means you won't have your nosy soccer-loving man bothering you as much. During the World Cup, every night is LADIES NIGHT! Women everywhere are enjoying uninterrupted shopping sprees (the guys won't even notice their credit cards missing, muahaha), remodeling their kitchens without having their husbands whining about the tiles costing too much and discovering that sometimes all you need is the iGallop *wink* So what if he only crawls into bed at 3am? More bed space for you! And the TV remote is suddenly as sacred as the Holy Grail so ladies, imagine the bargaining power you have when you hold his baby hostage. He'll spin straw into gold if you'll just let him finish the South Korea game.

"I'll do anything for you, baby, I promise."

And be sure to hold him to that. Big time. Enjoy the game!

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