Monday, June 19, 2006

A literary spew by Fridaycat

"I must admit...I love you less."

She choked, just a little, and felt her throat tighten. Her pulse raced and she could hear her heart pounding. Her palms turned sweaty and her heart increased its pace. It was no longer pounding; it was slamming against her ribcage so hard, she was certain HE could hear it.

"The feeling has changed. It's not the same anymore..." he continued, twisting the knife deeper into her open wound as slowly as he could. As painfully as possible. Hell, he was doing a wonderful job. She still hadn't found the words at the point. She suddenly had the urge to break into song, just to kill the silence. Just to get some words -any words- out of her numb mouth. "You will find another guy. Someone who can make you happy." He couldn't seem to twist the knife deep enough. Her happiness was the least of his concerns, she knew. He just wanted out. Away from her, from this vile, unlovable, loathesome creature before him. His eyes, glassy and blank, glanced at her. He opened his mouth again.

"Don't. Please, don't." She almost gurgled the words. He cast his eyes downwards and let the uncomfortable silence take over. The slamming of her heart was deafening, her breath quickened and tiny, bright spots started to blind her already fading vision. So, she thought to herself, this is what it feels like. It will pass, it will pass...she whispered in her head.

Months went by and things changed. Her heart slammed now and then. Other days, it sat still. The vile, unlovable, loathesome creature. No wonder.

"I must admit...I love you less."

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