Thursday, May 04, 2006

May-day May-day!

A quick post today. May is normally my favourite month of the year for several reasons:
1. Half the year is almost gone
2. Christmas is only 7 months away
3. Lots of reasons to celebrate: mother's day, my brother's bday, Sel's bday, my parents' anniversary etc
4. Plenty of Public Holidays, four to be exact.
4. and of course...It's my bday month, heh.

But i digress. May also happens to be the busiest month for Sabah tourism in terms of events and this year, on top of events, the work load just keeps piling on. I have two major brochures to compile and produce (aalllll by myselllllfffff...), daily cultural shows in shopping malls to host for the next two weeks, a 2-day English-Malay translation course to attend sometime in the third week AND to top it off: My magazine production schedule has been brought two weeks ahead to meet printing deadlines as offices will be closed at the end of the month for the Harvest Festival.


And my editor in KL (my freelance job) is waiting for my story on Karim Rashid (refer to earlier post) . And i have yet to do the interview. The Sabah Fest is this Friday, the Kiulu 4M Challenge (a traditional sporting event) is on Sunday and next weekend I will be at the Tip of Borneo for the Sunset Symphony. Sigh. And i still have food reviews to do, places to visit, people to interview for the magazine....

Must. Breathe.

Ok, time's a ticking. Wish me luck.

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