Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can't. Write. Any. More.

Date: May 18, 2006
Place: The office
Time: 11:46am
Mood: Slightly irritated, a twinge of anxiety
Feeling: ...kinda sleepy, mentally tired and getting hungry.
Listening to: Jack Black singing 'School Of Rock'

I'm alone in the office and I just can't write (anything coherent or office-related) anymore. So a recap for y'all: I'm back from the Tip of Borneo, where we had the Sunset Symphony thing. Monday i had more magazine related stuff to do, visited the Tun Mustapha Gallery (it's pretty kewl) and attended a 2-day translation course on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm back in the office with shitloads to do and i have to admit I didn't start the morning as happily as I could have. Blame the work. Blame the people who can't get their facts right. Blame the people who can't give me two minutes to breathe. On top of office work, I've got a freelance writing deadline to meet tomorrow. And i have written zilch. This be great.

Yesterday i took a break and met up with my girlfriends. PS2 + Eye Toy + an inflatable bat = good times. I need a holiday. A weekend of no interruptions, no work, no annoying phone calls, no whiny clients...So that when i get back, there'll be no more whiny, annoying Me.

I watched Poseidon (I read your blog a little too late, Yo) and I felt even more stressed after that. Watch it at your own peril.

I'm outta here...Need to find something to much on.

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