Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ups, downs, smiles and frowns.

Saturday afternoon. 3:24pm. Office desk. I know i could be at more exciting locations right now but considering my so-called life, the office is pretty good. Just thought I'd blog before I get some work done. I don't HAVE to be here but since I can't really think of better things to do right now...Well, you get the pic.

Actually, I had a rather busy day. Breakfast with Haw, and then off to the airport to interview the Vice Chancellor of London for the magazine, went shopping for a friend's daughter's gift, gave a goodbye hug to Andrina who's leaving for KL today, another quick round of shopping, lunch and to the office. Phew. And I'm planning to go for a jog. I've started running again and this time, I really would like to stick to my cardio program. Tonight, movie marathon! I bought a few DVDs: Wedding Crashers, North Country and Crash (bought this couple of weeks ago). Plus my parents are gonna be out of the house so...Heh, the Palace is aaaallll mine. For a few hours anyway.

Last night i went to watch 'The Wild'. Which turned out...ok. Not bad, not good but...ok. After that, I had my first beer after the LONGEST time. It tasted like heaven and a half. I wanted a Corona actually Carlsberg would have to do.

Me likey me Corona....

But this was just as good:I had just enough to get me buzzy and all ready for bed. As soon as I got home, I freshened up, hit the sack and dreamt of more beers. I'm not usually a beer person but I guess after you deprive yourself of anything for a long time, it's always refreshing.

The last few days have been filled with ups and downs. The ups: Selina, Carol, James Blunt, Lasagne, Sabrina delivering 3 (or 4?they're still curled up with their mum so I can't be certain) kittens (yay yay!), window shopping with Melina. The downs: "I can't want you right now", a misunderstanding, a fall out, my plans to leave KK in the near future not working out after all...

Yes I am disappointed. But I am also happy. It's the whole yin-yang of life I suppose. I have realised that the end of something only means I can welcome a new beginning. And now, I realise I MUST let go so that I can open my heart to new possibilities. I'm going to keep my head above the water and one day, I'll be able to blog about being so ridiculously happy that you'll be gagging by the time you finish reading. Heh. Watch this space.

"I wanna love, I want a fire, To feel the burn, My desires, I wanna man by my side,
Not a boy who runs and hides, Are you gonna fight for me?
Die for me? Live and breathe for me? Do you care for me?
'Cause if you don't then just leave."
-Kelly Clarkson, Walk Away. You tell 'em, girl.

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