Friday, April 07, 2006


It's Friday people. And Fridaycat is on the prowl! Sans alcohol that is. One more week to go before Lent ends. I've been doing well so far and I must say, I am so proud of myself for not touching a single drop (ah, but I've had a few close shaves).

I haven't blogged for the sake of blogging these days, so here I am, just spewing random thoughts from my head. Today we had another assembly with the Minister and heads of department. Usual stuff: wake up at 6, slip on the red kebaya, sing the national anthem while trying to ignore the rumbling tummy screaming,"Feed me, feed me." I'm in the office, trying to write my Mataking island piece but my muse is taking a coffee break I suppose. Maybe blogging will do the unclogging. Heh, rhymes. I'm so clever sometimes.

I had a drink with Wil last night, one of my good friends. We always manage to have a good laugh. Actually, for the last week or so, hanging out with my friends have been very therapeutic (given the current situation, which I will not delve into right now). Even chatting with Yo and Pu (who are in absentia at the moment) online about teachers with hairy armpits and "pigi manaaaa dong?" have been the highlight of my week. Near or far, my friends have been da bomb and more than 10 years later...They still da bomb, heh heh. Mia had a good point when she said that through all the ups and downs, and even with people walking in and out of our lives over the years, it's still your best friends who have your back. Sniff. So twue.

I'm in a very awkward place in my life right now. Part of me understands the whole mantra of "everything happens for a reason bla bla bla". But the other part of me is in such an emotional turmoil. On one hand, life's equations are SO simple. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they like each other....You know the rest. But noooooo, we have to make things complicated. We have to make excuses. It's like God handed you your life and said, "Sign here. By the way, please read the fine print for rules and regulations."

Ok enough of that. Tonight I will be at Blue Note to celebrate a friend's birthday. Too bad I can't get smashed and drink the night away. Heh. For the weekend, yours truly will be one step closer to down under. Cryptic, no? Watch this space for more updates on that.

"I'm so sick of love songs...So why can't I turn off the radio?"
-Ne-Yo, So Sick. oh yes i am...

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