Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Long Weekend.

Howdy all. A three-day working week, I can't complain. But am I the only one who finds the Tuesday public holiday disrupting? Perhaps so. Coming back to work on Wednesday felt like I was starting my week all over again. That said, quite happy about the look weekend ahead. My colleague are going to Tawau for the Lepa Regatta (a parade of traditional Bajau boats every April) and then island hopping in Kapalai and Mabul (sniff. No, i don't get to go this time). They'll only be back on Tuesday (bawl!). Sigh. I wish I could go but it's only fair to give the others a chance. But there's so much excitement amongst my workmates that I can't help but feel a twinge of envy. Grr. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

The Weekend Report
Ladies and gentlemen, this just in: It was one hell of a weekend. Actually I've had crazier weekends but this one was truly an interesting mix. First up, a big fat welcome for
Pat who finally managed to find his way to KK. Hope we fed you well! And it was REALLY tough not being able to drink while he and Mia polished beer after beer at the Waterfront. Sigh. And I will never forget the Underworld-Kelly Clarkson-Buddhist chanting experience on Sunday night, haha. For photographic evidence, visit Sel's blog. On Saturday night, went to Blue Note to celebrate a friend's birthday. Good music, good company, good time. But come Monday night, I finally had my first drop of alcohol after 40 days of lent. I didn't indulge because somehow it didn't feel right with Good Friday and Easter coming up (yeah yeah I sound like the Catholic of the year. I wish la.). Anywaaay, Monday night turned out to be 'eventful' for some and all I was thankful for was that I didn't wake up with a hangover.

Tuesday was a public holiday and I spent it slow and easy, just the way I like it. Woke up, went out for brekkie and headed to town to get DVDs for my movie marathon session. I was atually looking for 'Grease' (i really really really want the DVD so if anyone knows where I can grab it...) but to no avail. Finally bought Brokeback Mountain, The Family Stone, Crash. My friend bought Nightmare Before Christmas, which i haven't seen and can't wait to! I like Tim Burton's morbid taste. We watched Brokeback Mountain. In a nutshell, I have to be honest and say it didn't blow me away as i hoped it would. Ang Lee is still a great director in my eyes but I think this movie would have been borderline mediocre if it weren't for the unconventional theme of two guys falling in love and not your run-of-the-mill tragic love story of boy meets girl etc etc.
I am NOT homophobic, let me spell this out. However I would be lying if i said the movie didn't make me feel awkward. Not because the leading men are gay but more because of the way Ang Lee had a no-holds-barred attitude when it came to displays of affection. Basically, he wanted to show that, hey here are two human beings -irrespective of gender- who had a pure friendship and love but had to deal with societal expectations or suffer the conseuqences. Love conquers all? The movie leaves you thinking. Something very few movies do these days and it's refreshing. I wouldn't watch it again (2 hours 20 minutes, enough said) but I'm glad I did. Word of caution: Do not watch this with your parents/anyone under the age of 18/homophobics. It's pretty graphic and it'll be difficult to explain to your 8 year old niece why that nice young man is 'riding his friend like a horsey with his pants down'.

I wanted to watch something light-hearted after that so we put on 'The Family Stone'. I guess you can't go wrong with a cast made up of Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes and the like. Basically, it's a story of boy brings uptight city girl back to meet family for Christmas. A comedy of errors and a lesson in how the unexpected can be the best thing that could happen to you. And it's a fuzzy-feeling Christmas movie. Hugs all around!

Anywaaaay, I have two articles to write and I really should get down to it. Till the next entry, this is Fridaycat signing off.

"Guess mine is not the first heart broken, my eyes are not the first to cry..."
-Olivia Newton-John, 'Hopelessly Devoted To You' from my all time-favourite musical 'Grease'.

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