Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Of burnt bums and sand in my pants.

I was in Mataking Island couple of weeks ago. Yes, for work. No leeches this time, only blue waters as far as the eye can see. My only lament is that the sun decided to go into hiding during our first two days. In fact, it rained the minute we arrived but in the afternoon, the sun made a brief appearance. Only to rain again the next morning (tease!). Our photo shoots were hampered by the weather but we tried to get the best shots we could. The skies were FINALLY blue on the day we left, how annoying. That said, I still managed to get my ass burnt during my snorkelling rendezvous. I saw turtles, gorgeous corals, an eel, clownfish (y'know, those Nemo babies) and a blue whale! OK maybe not a blue whale but wouldn't that have been cool? The food -as on all my island hopping trips- was excellente! Our rooms were really nice but I was annoyed with all the sand I kept bringing back with me. I had sand in my bed, in the tub and in my pants. Nice. Hopefully my next island trip will have more sunshine.

Wilkommen to Mataking Island! They even had a little song to welcome us. I felt so touristy, heh. A shot with the Resort Manager and Japanese guide (yeah a Japanese guiding the locals, go figure), Yoshiko (in orange)
Coconut crab...looking for coconuts i suppose. Feisty creatures.
Wilson Philips rejects. Walking along the sandbank at low tide to get to Pulau Mataking Kecil, about half an hour from the resort.

Dinner time! mmm fresh crabs. I know we shouldn't play with our food but i couldn't resist.
Yoshiko snorkelling. Oh forgot to mention, this was where I got a dose of jellyfish stings. Fun.
Here fishy fishy! Feeding time at the jetty. Happy Mel outside my lodge- none the wiser of the injuries to come.
Seriously, would my trip be complete without ANY injury? Me whining like a baby after scarping my knee on a coral. Damn low tides.

So pretty kan? The resort la, not me....Ok la, if you insist, I'm pretty too *flutter eyelashes*

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