Monday, June 30, 2008

Temporary Highs.

I don't know much these days. I've kind of given up on figuring out things. The hows and whys and even the what ifs. I've spent too many nights awake trying to make sense of a lot of things and I wake up the next morning only to repeat the day's cycle. It's pointless really.

I'm not depressed but I'm not exactly doing cartwheels neither. And people say I should 'talk' about it. Talk talk talk talk...i'm so malas to even hear myself talk, what more those around me. Plus, I've always been afraid of being judged especially by those closest to me. The only person I know I can turn to without fear of judgement is my sister (simply because she's bound to me by blood for life and obliged to be on my side no matter what a piece of shit i'm turning into, haha).

Maybe we should just package it in a pretty little box with a big red ribbon and call it a 'Quarter Life Crisis' - how original, I know. The only think I can count on right now are temporary highs. And that includes:

1. A drink and a laugh with good friends after work

2. Good food

3. A good movie

4. Sex (hey, wishful thinking ok)

5. Playing with my cats

6. Shopping

7. Getting enough sleep

...oh wow I can't even think of 10 Temporary Highs - any ideas? Life is as good as it gets right now. And I'm not complaining - after all, you get what you give, no? I leave you with a horny photo:


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