Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring cleaning.

I had a life-changing weekend. Long story short, I went on a retreat and I feel much better. I'm going to spare my readers the spiritual experience because :-

a) not everyone will get it
b) I don't really need to hear negative and cynical feedback
c) I don't want to be accused of shoving my faith down other people's throats.

Those of you who do understand me, thank you. It's nice to know I have people i can share it with without fear of being judged. And I want to make a special shout out to Pu, for without whom I wouldn't have experienced what I did. You are heaven-sent!


I am 'spring cleaning' my life. I have unnecessary junk weighing me down, useless souvenirs I'm holding on to that only remind me of the unhappy past. Toxic waste poisoning my system that I need to flush out, bit by bit. Toys I don't play with anymore. Trophies that were once symbols of victory serve only to remind me of glory days that were temporary. Empty boxes that once held precious gifts.

I need to hold on to things that bring me comfort, joy and security - not for a month or a year. But for all my life. I found that over the weekend.

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