Friday, April 18, 2008

Not Happy.

My cat, Happy, was sent to the vet yesterday because of a swollen paw. Turned out to be an infection and they had to drain some fluid from his leg. In that light, he had to be admitted overnight.

Couple of hours ago, the vet calls me and I expect the worst (its never good if a vet calls you in the office). But I did NOT expect his nurse to tell me:

"Your cat is missing."

*pause* Ok, wait a minute. How does a sick cat go missing in a veterinarian's clinic? They said Happy managed to 'open' his cage and escape. OH WOW MY CAT IS A GENIUS! And now they cannot find my cat. And the bloody nurse has the cheek to tell me, "They usually come back at night so we'll wait till night time to look for the cat." WTF.

Me: I'm going to pick up my cat this afternoon. I don't care how you do it but my cat had better be there when I get to your clinic.

It's like the hospital telling a patient's relative, "We misplaced the patient. But we'll look for him later today." I freakin' entrusted my cat's well-being in your hands and you LOSE my cat? And what are they going to do if they can't find my cat? Reimburse me with RM150? Fcuk no.

I'm still at work and i'm finishing up whatever I need to before lunch. And then I'm going to the vet. And Happy better be there looking happy as ever. If not, heads will roll.

FYI: I sent my cat to the Sabah Animal Medical Centre in Foh Sang. Dr. Rassit has been the family vet for years. Not anymore. And i suggest you guys don't send your pets there neither. The nurses don't give a rat's ass about the pets.

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