Monday, December 11, 2006

When in distress...


I'm on an official mission to cheer myself up. And that can only mean one thing: Retail therapy. Ah yes, shopping malls, paper bags, shoes, handbags,unnecessary items from Watson's...I love 'em all.
Saturday was a 'me me me' day. I actually arrived at the shopping mall before the shops opened, haha. Talk about kiasu. I started with Watson's. My little piece of heaven. Even shopping for toothpaste brings such joy ("Extra mint or regular? Ah decisions..."). I enjoyed a solo lunch at the overpriced Kenny Roger's Roasters, where i took my damn sweet time because today was all about me. I decided to catch a movie, Happy Feet, at 12:30pm. The guy at the ticket counter asked me twice, "One ticket?One?" No, I think i'll buy another ticket for my personality. Yes la, bozo, ONE. It was a happy movie and i actually laughed out loud a few times. I did glance at the empty seat beside me once in a while but quickly told myself not to go there.
The movie was followed by more shopping (so many shoes, so little time!) and a trip to the hair salon. All in all, I spent 9 hours in the shopping mall. My record still stands at 12 hours though. This week's mission: To traipse 2 more shopping malls at my own leisurely pace. I love my credit card. I love that I have been so clever with my savings (actually since my Canadian trip isn't happening, it just means the money I saved for it is going to the Melissa Shopping Fund). I love being so indulgent and materialistic. I'm thinking of hitting the spa this weekend. I could use a hot stone massage and a body scrub.
On another note, we celebrated Mia's birthday last week. A small and cozy affair with the chicas:
My gorgeous cousin. I love you but I hate being older than you! (hey seven months can make quite a difference ok...)
I'm at work today, just settling some stuff before I officially go on leave this Wednesday. Can't wait.
"Cuz we are living in a material world...
And I am ma-material girl."
-Madonna singing my song.

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