Saturday, September 16, 2006


It's 10:08am on a Saturday morning and I've decided to come to the office. I'm all alone, except for the security and front desk people downstairs. I kinda like the peace and quiet. It's not all that quiet though - I've got Earth, Wind and Fire singing about a Brick House in the background. Groovy. I've got so much to do and so little time. Sitting around at home waiting for Monday isn't gonna get anything done so I figured I might as well come into work. And what better way to start my writing engine than to blog. Me so clever. Me so procrastinator.

I went to watch a movie last night. My Super Ex-Girlfriend starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson. What is it with movie titles these days? First there's "Snakes On a Plane". Now this. And who could forget the classic, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and its sequel, "I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer." My brother went out to buy a dvd the other day and I couldn't believe the title:

"I Always Know What You Did Last Summer"

Seriously, we get it.

Back to the Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was entertaining to say the least. Just strange to see The Bride flying around in tasteless clothes (really) saving New York City.

G-Girl. Can someone please tell me what the G stands for?

It's a nice play on role reversal (woman saving man) and I enjoyed the sex scenes. As perverted as that sounds, allow me to explain. There was a scene where Uma and Luke Wilson were in bed and she was straddling him. And she goes, "Ready?" and starts humping him (fully-clothed, nothing too graphic here). She's so strong that the bed is slamming against the wall so hard and everything begins to crack. It's pretty funny, seeing Luke helpless and 'roughed up' so to speak. At the end she breaks the bed and collapses beside him, "I'm sorry. I'll get you a new one." He looks at her in exhaustion saying,"A bed or a penis?"

It was entertaining. Watch it if you want some mindless entertainment and to see Ms. Thurman in a completely different element. She's got the weirdest nose though.

I also bought a TM iTalk calling card yesterday. It's been a while since I had to use one of these things and was so bloody frustrated when I couldn't get through. I was on the verge of tears and ran to my brother asking for help.

Me: I keep dialling this number. It's the correct one, I swear. I called it from my handphone yesterday *trying not to sob*

Him: *takes a look at the number.Looks at me* Are you calling using a landline right now?

Me: Yes! I don't understand... *hyperventilating*

Him: *hands me back the card* It's an international call. You have to dial zero zero to call out from a landline.

Me: Oh.

Yes, I got through after that.

Anyway, it's time to get some real work done. You guys have a good weekend now.

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