Monday, September 18, 2006

Of walking and weekends.

My weekend was a relatively quiet one. It's my first weekend without The Cubby and it's probably not fair to say this, but it was one big snooze-fest. I guess I'm just used to having him around every weekend, be it having lunch, braving the ridiculous weekend traffic, hitting the cinemas, going to Watson's ("I swear I'm just gonna look...") or just watching him submit to my cats. And the things he makes me do is unbelievable. He has this habit of making me WALK everywhere. Good for you, get some fresh air etc etc etc. We would park in Api-Api Centre and walk to Centrepoint. Ok so that's not exactly 50 kilometres but sometimes it feels like it. I'm not much of a walker. Sadly, I am one of those who prefer the car pulling up right to my doorstep. I suppose another reason why I'm not fond of walking around town is because KK isn't the most pedestrian friendly city. If you work where I work, you'd understand. There's undisciplined drivers to look out for, idiots harrassing women as they walk by ("psst, psst...lawa lah!"), spit on the road (i still don't know why some people do this) and 2-inch wide walkways. Oh and there's the crazy Malaysian heat or pelting rain. Take your pick.

I heart KK/Sabah/Malaysia very much though, so spare me the hate-mail.

But ok, fine. I admit Haw has a point about walking. It saves a lot of time in most cases and a short walk never killed anyone. Yet.

I spent Saturday night drinking with friends. Been a while since I had beer. That first gulp is the best. After that, everything spirals into an oblivion of giggling and spinning walls. Sunday was kept simple with a one on one lunch with my mum. And then it was back home to curl up on the sofa, watch Desperate Housewives for three hours straight and retreat to my room with a headache. I also took the time to sort through my mountains of magazines. I have teen magazines dating back to 1992. Time to throw 'em out you think? However, the sentimental slob in me decided to keep a couple, just so I can show my kids 15 years from now the kind of stuff I read. Imagine that. I'll still have these magazines in time for Wawasan 2020!

Right now, I'm taking a break from work. Blogging from the office is so unethical but as long as no one gets hurt and life as we know it continues to move on, I don't see the problem.

Stay classy, San Diego. (I love Anchorman. Must. watch. again)

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