Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On the turtle trail...

Howdy everybody. I know these aren't much but i couldn't post more because:

a) blogger failed me
b) blogger failed me yet again
c) blogger is a big, fat b****
d) all of the above.

Anyway, a quickie on my recent trip to the Turtle Islands Park in Sandakan. A must-visit for anyone, especially if you're already in this part of the world. I'd write a whole entry on my trip but I just complete an article on the same topic last week...Yawn. The lazy man's shortcut? Pick up October's issue of 'Sabah Malaysian Borneo'. Alternatively, visit the website at www.sabahtourism.com sometime next month and look for it (shameless advertising, i know). Photos below!

Selingan beach. Very pretty but not much to see when snorkelling. But check out the mushroom cloud!

My humble abode for the weekend. Bathroom is dorm-style. Bedrooms are basic. I'm here for the turtles anyway...

The moment we've all been waiting for! Time check: 9:27pm. 82 eggs. Bravo mama turtle! No flashlights allowed and no standing in front of the turtle. The rangers have a no nonsense attitude when it comes to fumbling and stubborn tourists. Which I personally think is great.

The hatchery. So many baby turtles, so little time! At night, there were some rats gnawing away at an escaped hatchling...Traumatising stuff to watch but that's nature's way.

Isn't she a beauty? There are dozens of turtles around the beach in the morning but you have to an early bird to catch a glimpse of them heading back to sea. This one was kinda stuck among the rocks but she pulled through ok.

And finally, the Flying Eagle/Jet Li Wannabe of Selingan Island. Hai-ya!

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