Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bad, Bad Sunday

Sundays are normally blog-free for me but today will be different. It’s almost 10.30pm and I wish I could blog about how wonderful my weekend’s been but... Ah yes, always the inevitable ‘but’.

Friday started great. Went to The Loft with my colleagues and had enough beers to keep the crowd happy. We were so at home that one of my colleagues actually brought her own CD collection and requested the DJ to play them (and he actually obliged!) Several rounds of beer later, the night is still young and I’m buzzy enough to make a fool of myself on the dancefloor. So off to Shenanigan’s for booty-shaking music and lots of sweaty bodies crammed into a small space. It’s 1am and I think it’s time to get home and wash the cigarette smoke out of my hair. Aaah…me happy. All happy.

Saturday has an early start. I have to attend the launching of a hotel beside my office. Minister arrives, speech speech, hooray, cut the ribbon, ooh, aah, bla bla bla and it’s back home so I can catch up on more sleep. Lunch with friends, hit the mall (yeah how original on a Saturday afternoon) and I’m supposed to go clubbing but I suddenly feel like crap. I figure it’s a combination of last night’s alcohol, lack of sleep and my PMS. Oh and the fact my wallet’s feeling the pinch. I spend the evening in my pajamas, channel surfing and eating chocolates. We all need days like these, heh.

Sunday. Ah Sunday. A reminder that Monday is ready to rear its ugly head. In a nutshell, there were good things and bad things about Sunday. Bad Things: Big fight with my brother’s girlfriend (no love lost. But I was annoyed nonetheless and discovered I could still be catty AND bitchy at the same time. Go Mel). Decided to call a friend for some cheering up and maybe hang out to forget about the earlier fight. Unfortunately, turned out I was about to be the on the receiving end of his ‘I got out of the wrong side of the bed so fuck off’ mood. Didn’t settle too well with me (gee, you think?). Anyway, on to the Good Things about Sunday. Went to a colleague’s Raya open house/house warming party, which got my mind off the Bad Things for a while. And after Bad Encounter With Angry Friend, I decided to cheer myself up and watched Aeon Flux with Haw and Walter. Nothing like the movies to bring me to an alternate universe where only popcorn and soda matter.

So here I am, with a headache and looking forward to sleeping my Bad, Bad Sunday away. I never thought I'd say this but...

I can't wait for Monday.

"Sleep and know that if I knew all the answers
I would not hold them from you."
-No Other Way, Jack Johnson.

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