Monday, November 07, 2005


I'm too lazy to blog. Lazy lazy lazy. Almost one week away from the office can do that to you. Engines...stalling...Can't...start.... *sputter. wheeze. kaput*

Ok quick updates on my past week:

1. Spent last weekend at Lankayan island. Photos below.

2. Went to Pulau Sapi with friends. Had fun and lots of sandfly bites to prove it.

3. Watched Exorcism of Emily Rose. On Halloween. Not as bad as The Exorcist but still giving me horrid visions at night. And i don't think Haw has regained blood flow in his right arm - sorry dude.

4. Watched Corpse Bride. Entertaining and MUCH better than Doom.

5. Spent time with my nieces who never fail to entertain me.

It's quiet in the office and honestly, I've caught several people playing online games, heh heh. I'm not one to talk considering here I am ,blogging and uploading photos. I'm attending Double Take's (Sabahan jazz duo) press conference and album launch at 6pm today. My day has proved light and easy. More thoughts when I snap out of my state of sloth.

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