Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mel's Moment of Manic Panic

Hello kawan kawan. Ok, I'm slacking and losing my blogging credibility but hey, I'm here now right? There are days when there's lots to blog about and days where some things are better left unsaid. Oh, and days when you actually have to do that thing called 'work'.

Today all my e-mails disappeared again. For a good six hours mind you. Long story short, I'm still having problems with my office e-mail (what else is new) which means I have to check my emails via the webmail server. It's slow, temperamental and not user friendly to say the least. However, they've 'upgraded' the webmail system...which of course means...they wipe out my existing e-mails.

Deeeeeeeep breath.

I refuse to panic. Or curse. Or cause bodily harm to anyone in the so-called IT department. I make a few phonecalls, wipe off the cold sweat on my forehead and cross my fingers. The resident IT dude tells me to calm down and to open up my Microsoft Outlook.

About-to-panic Me: "But it DIED months ago..."
Him: "No no... your Microsoft Outlook."
About-to-panic Me: "Ya ya i know, cannot. I'm using Mozilla but that died on me too..."
Him: "'No, Missy, Microsoft Outlook. The brown icon on the scr..."
Panicking Me: "Tiada! Really! Cannot use oredi!!!"
Him: "You're talking about Outlook Express. I mean Microsoft Outlook."
Calming-down Me: *scans the screen for Microsoft Outl...* "Ooohhhhhhhhhh. Found it. So...click here la?"

Nyeh nyeh malu malu.

So after a few clicks here and there, I finally retrieved my almost-lost e-mails. Phew. Problem solved. Almost la...Now most of my e-mails aren't going/coming through. To sum up my sentiments in a nutshell:

It's raining outside. It's almost five pm. I'm going for a drink with my colleague to drown this annoying day. The upside? I had a yummy lunch. Grilled chicken with baked potato, coleslaw and a side serving of Minestrone soup. A bit much, you say? I totally agree and am darn proud of it!

On my speakers right now:
"I'll be loving you forever forever...All this love's for you and me."
-I'll Be Loving You, New Kids On The Block. Omg.

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