Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A year ago, I bid farewell to my six-year stint as a magazine editor and senior publicity executive to pursue my freelancing dream. Now I'm a creature of habit kinda girl and 'routine' is my safety net. I get nervous ordering anything other than 'lemon teh ping' at the coffee shop. So yes, my life is a constant ball of 'excitement' as you can see. Saying goodbye to a steady monthly income and benefits filled me with trepidation but turning 30, I knew it was now or never. I didn't want to be 60 and saying, "Maybe I should resign..."

Do I regret it? Hell, no. Has it been easy? Of course not. I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't have to make some lifestyle changes. It didn't help that I had a wedding to pay for, a house to renovate and a year-end trip to Canada to budget for but hey, how can I complain? Not having my thrice-weekly happy hour drinks or buying another pair of pink pumps are small sacrifices to meet the greater need (er like getting married and moving into our own place. You think?). For sure, there are things I miss about the corporate life - like getting ready for work in the morning (for real!), socialising during after-work drinks to bitch about the boss and cool perks when travelling and reviewing for the magazine.

That said, in turn I DO love being able to wake up slow (as Jack Johnson recommends), work as and when I please and having the creative liberty with my craft. And although I don't recommend it for everyone, I quite enjoy teaming up with my husband for work. Makes good economic sense: We worked well back in our former office, why not do the same now? And it's great that we both understand each other's financial stand given the circumstances. So we've agreed that we have to let go of the bigger luxuries for now (his dream Celica, my trip to Greece) and settle on the simpler things (a weekend trip to Watsons to buy shampoo, buying DVDs - buy 5 free 1!).

Yang penting, jolly.

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