Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the day.

I can't fathom what girls see in Justin Bieber, K-pop boy bands or the whole Twilight craze, to be honest. And just when I start to get all grown-uppy about it, I think about MY bout of teenagerism:

New Kids On The Block

oh my god, I would have given my left arm to meet them (ok maybe my right arm because I'm left handed). Before N'Sync, the Backstreet Boys and Super Junior (did i get that right?), they were THE boy bands of boy bands. Left to right, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight and Joey McIntyre. I was a 'Donnie Wahlberg' girl. He was the 'bad boy' I suppose. I can't explain the attraction - He just did it for me. And yes, I can still sing to all their songs word for word.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Helllloooo, Captain Planet anyone? "When the five powers combine, I am CAPTAIN PLANET!" Lemme see...It was,"Earth, Fire, Wind, Water...Heart!" I think the 'Heart' bit was just thrown in cuz they didn't know what to do with the Latino kid. I was always rooting for the Asian chick, naturally.

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul before American Idol. Waaaay before. "Straight Up", "Forever Your Girl", "Opposites Attract" with Mc Skat Kat and "Rush Rush" - The video had Keanu Reeves in it, yum. She was a solid dancer, no doubt. Not the best vocals but she had fantastic screen presence. She gets so much bad press with American Idol but I bet there's a whole generation out there who can't appreciate her for the performer she was.

And last but not least....

Beverly Hills 90210 baybeh! Not the super glitzy one you see today (although,as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am a not-so-closet fan of the next generation version). I remember having to record some episodes on videotape - yes VIDEOtape - because I was homework-bound and not allowed to watch TV at 8:30pm (TV2 no less). The Walsh twins were played by Shannen Doherty and the very-cute Jason Priestly. The girls loved Luke Perry's character, Dylan McKay, but I was very much the Brandon Walsh kinda girl (I think i had graduated from liking bad-boys ala Donnie Wahlberg at this point...hmm). It was a fantastic show until they started bringing in new characters and the old ones started to disappear, as it happens in most long-running series.

Oh, to be 14 again.

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