Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 7 Days of Mrs. Lim

Okay it's officially been seven days since I signed my singledom away. I've moved in with my lovely in-laws (how many of you can put those two words together, so yes, I'm showing off) for now until our place is up and ready. So far:

1. I've locked my husband out of our bedroom 3 times. Look, this 'room sharing' thing is new to me, ok? I keep forgetting he sleeps in the same room.

2. I've locked my father-in-law out of the house once. Well to be fair, he forgot his keys and I couldn't hear him. He had to call my handphone. Oops.

3. Strangely, I love doing laundry. Sorting the colours and separating the whites. Making sure I use the most wangi fabric softener. Arranging my clothes on the line according to size. Go figure.

4. I am eating more vegetables. My mother-in-law is a vegetarian after all.

5. I realise we may have a queen sized bed but I still sleep riiiiiiiiight at the edge because I want to be in my own bubble when I sleep.

6. I also discovered manicured nails and housework do not go hand in hand. Duh.

7. I still visit my parents almost everyday. Separation anxiety?

8. Blanket, my cat, is merajuking big time since I moved out of the house. He doesn't eat as much and he spends most of his time under my parents' bed. *ehek*

9. It may be hard living with a boy but every morning I wake up and realise how much I love living with THIS boy.

Oh and whenever people call me Mrs. Lim, I think of my math teacher. Yikes.

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