Friday, July 24, 2009

31 Reasons to love you 24/7

31 Reasons.
1. Because he makes me laugh till my sides ache.
2.Because he appreciates the funny voices I make.
3.Because I appreciate the funny voices HE makes.
4.Because of his dogged determination in all he does.
5.Because men with ambition are sexy.
6.Because with him, there's always a way.
7. Because I'm useless with cars, wires and anything that needs fixing.
8. Because I'm willing to 'potong pokok' with him under the pouring rain.
9.Because we both love Will Ferrell.
10.Because he's so damn patient even when he really shouldn't be.
11. Because I can't stay mad at him for long.
12. Because he reminds me to drink more water and eat my vegetables.
13.Because he'll watch Friends reruns with me.
14.Because he understands when I need to be on my own and I understand when he needs to hang with the boys.
15. Because he knows I can be unreasonably jealous.
16. Because even when he's jealous, he's still a gentleman.
17. Because he continues to surprise me.
18. Because he loves my cats.
19. Because my cats love him.
20. Because I feel safe with him.
21. Because he's so good at picking out clothes for me.
22. Because he pushes me to get off my lazy ass and try new things.
23. Because he taught me how to play the drums.
24. Because he knows I hate the cold and will make sure I'm always warm.
25. Because he doesn't believe in RM300 shirts that look RM69.90
26. Because he has no idea how cute he is when his eyes light up when watching Indiana Jones/Back To The Future for the 500th time
27. Because he layans my whims and fancies, even if it involves Roti Kahwin at Damai during peak traffic time.
28. Because I would do exactly the same for him in a heartbeat.
29. Because musicians and artists are sexy!
30. Because he reminds me it's about us and no one else.
31. Because I couldn't ask for more.
Happy birthday, babe.


Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Gee... :) This is so sweet :D